Human Resources

Human Resources

When dealing with staff, many managers often spend 80% of their time dealing with issues relating to 20% of their staff.  This can be anything from staff complaints, absenteeism, poor performance, not getting on with other staff, in fact the list can be endless.  At Sure we partner with you to deliver individual solutions to meet your business needs.  This results in a positive work place culture for your employees and minimises your stress, along with saving you time and money.

Human Resources

Performance Reviews

Improving staff performance lies at the heart of driving business success. Whether that is developing and utilising performance assessment systems or... Learn more

Employee Problems

Early intervention and proactive conversations are essential in dealing with employment relationship problems. This often requires you to have those difficult… Learn more


Making sure you have the right people, doing the right thing, at the right time is critical to an efficient and successful business. Learn more

Training and Induction

Preparation is the key. Induction or on boarding is absolutely vital for new starters. Good induction training ensures new starters are retained, and then… Learn more

Documents & Processes

Meeting Employment regulations and having policies and processes in place is crucial to managing staff. While looked upon as basic to business, this is often… Learn more

Employee Retention

Take your HR function to the next level to ensure your most important resource, staff, are retained and grow with your business. Learn more